Wastewater Systems


As from 15th May 1995 new regulations and standards commenced for the approval and installation of waste control systems, (i.e. sanitary plumbing and septic tanks, etc).

The Public and Environmental Health (Waste Control) Regulations 1995 replaced provisions under the Health Act 1935 and its regulations. The new regulations adopt the following standards:

  • AS 3500, AS 3500.1, AS 3500.2 of the National Plumbing and Drainage Code with South Australian variations;
  • Standard for the Construction, Installation and Operation of Septic Tank Systems in South Australia;
  • Supplement A - Aerobic Sandfillers;
  • Supplement B - Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems.

Copies of the Standard and its Supplements A and B may be purchased at nominal cost from the Council Office.

Prior to installing a waste disposal system approval must be obtained by application to the relevant authority, which in most cases is the Local Council.

The Waste Control Application form and associated fact sheet is available from Council Offices or by clicking on the link below:

Waste Control Application Form(468 kb)
Wastewater Works Approval - Fact Sheet(132 kb)

Prior to installing a waste control system it is necessary to submit an application to, and receive an approval from Council. Both the owner and the applicant must sign the Application Form. A duplicate site layout plan and a duplicate building layout plan must be submitted with the application form for approval.

Council will require an accurate report, either indirect soil or percolation test, of soil permeability produced by a suitably qualified person to be submitted with any application for a septic tank system with an on site sub-surface disposal system.

The appropriate fee must accompany an application submitted to Council. The fee covers processing of the application, approval and on-site inspections.

Application fees

Please refer to Council's Fees and Charges Schedule for the associated fees.

Council requires the following mandatory inspections:

  • Underfloor plumbing (except where such plumbing has been inspected and passed by an Engineering and Water supply Department, Water and Wastewater Connection Officer);
  • Drain and septic tank / effluent disposal system;
  • Final inspection at the completion of the job, and;
  • In the case of an aerobic system, an inspection of the irrigation system where this has not been installed at the time of the final inspection.
  • Approval and Conditions

Copies of the approved plan and approval conditions will be forwarded to the owner/applicant. Work MUST NOT commence until approval has been received.

The owner/applicant must ensure that installation of the control system is in accordance with the approved plan and approval conditions.

Mandatory notification stages will be required as part of the approval. Work must stop pending inspection by the relevant authority, who are required to inspect within one (1) business day, otherwise work may proceed.

The system MUST NOT be used in a manner that contravenes or fails to comply with a prescribed code. Failure to comply with requirements may result in action by the Council or relevant authority.