Waste Management Initiatives

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Waste Oil Tank installed at Millicent's Resource Recovery Centre.

Waste Oil Recycling Program

Millicent Resource Recovery Centre

The waste oil collection has re-opened at the Millicent Resource Recovery Centre from 3rd December 2020. Residents can recycle domestic quantities of used engine and motor oil, sometimes called 'sump' oil under the waste oil program.  Commercial quantities of waste oil should be recycled through a commercial arrangement.

Residents are asked to ensure for safety reasons waste oil is transported in a suitable container with a sealed lid to prevent spills. The container must contain used engine or motor engine oil only, substances such as fuel, cooking oil, paint strippers or solvents must not be mixed in with oil. Residents are required to sign a Waste Oil Declaration Form to confirm the contents of the container. The Declaration Form is available below, or printed copies are available onsite.

Please ensure the Site Attendants instructions are followed at all times. Smoking and open flames are not permitted onsite due to flammable nature of the materials.

Waste Oil Declaration Form

Penola Resource Recovery Centre

A new waste oil collection facility will be assessed after a 6 month trial of the collection at Millicent is completed.

All customer service enquiries will be handled directly by Veolia on 08 8724 8121 during normal office hours.

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ChemClear Collection 2021

Do you have unwanted or obsolete agvet chemicals you need to dispose of? ChemClear are holding a collection in South Australia and Western Australia in April 2021. Registrations are essential. If residents register their interest with ChemClear, Council has proposed Millicent and Penola Resource Recovery Centres as collection locations.

Simply register your chemicals by 28 February for your chemicals to be safely collected and disposed of. Agvet chemicals that display the drumMUSTER logo are collected free of charge.

Click the following link to register your chemicals: http://www.chemclear.org.au/register-your-chemical/

FREE Garden Mulch Available

Wattle Range Council provide a number of free mulch collection days throughout the year to all residents and ratepayers. Held at Penola and Millicent, garden mulch is loaded into trailers at no cost, subject to availability.

Dates for the 2020 Community Mulch Days program have concluded for the year. Dates for the 2021 program will be released in late February, previously the program has been run from May to November.

This organic material is a natural product made from the garden waste dropped off at Council’s Resource Recovery Centre from Wattle Range residents and businesses. The mulch available does not meet industry standards for a saleable mulch product and is therefore available at no cost.

Those taking advantage of the opportunity will need to bring a tarpaulin and suitable rope to secure the load before exiting the site. A disclaimer will also need to be signed prior to collection.

As the organic material may contain plant seed, sharp and splintery objects, dusts and allergens, Council strongly recommends the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when handling this material. PPE should include heavy duty gloves, long sleeved shirt and pants, safety glasses and dust mask or other respiratory aids.

FREE Green Waste Disposal October & November

Between the 1 October and 30 November each year, residents will not require a waste voucher to dispose of approved loads of green waste at the Millicent, Penola or Beachport Waste Transfer facilities. This is so that residents are able to clean up ahead of fire danger season. The following conditions apply:

  • This is ONLY for approved green waste, which is strictly limited to tree limbs and branches, grass clippings and weeds.
  • If any other waste is included in the load, a waste voucher will be required.
  • Loads must be presented by a Wattle Range Council resident or ratepayer.
  • All users must prove they are a ratepayer or resident by showing a current rates notice or driver’s licence with a Wattle Range Council address.
  • No green waste is accepted at Glencoe and Furner.

All enquiries should be directed to Veolia on 08 8724 8121 during normal office hours.