Swimming Pool/Spa Testing

Disease causing organisms live and multiply in pool water that has not been properly treated and give rise to eye, ear, skin and intestinal infection. Inadequate chemical balance of pool water can also cause skin rashes and conjunctivitis.

Spa pools can create a higher infection risk than swimming pools if poorly maintained. The warm aerated water provides an ideal environment for the rapid growth of many undesirable organisms. With large numbers of people entering the relatively small volume of water in a spa the organic and microbial loading may be high. Poorly maintained spa pools have been implicated as a source of skin infection and Legionellosis, but well balanced and operated, they can provide a safe, relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Where a swimming pool or a spa pool is available for use by the public, the owner of the facility must ensure that the pool is under the control and management of a person who is knowledgeable and competent in the operation of the plant and maintenance of pool water quality. Whilst the facility is available for use by the public it is the responsibility of the owner and the pool operator to ensure pool water quality is maintained in accordance with the requirements of the Public and Environmental Health Regulations.

Council's Environmental Health Officer randomly tests public pools and spas within the Wattle Range Council to ensure water quality is in compliance with the prescribed levels, providing a facility that is of a high standard, safe, hygienic and enjoyable for the users.