Kerbside Collection Service

COVID & Kerbside Collection Advice

During the COVID-19 events kerbside bin collections will continue as normal. Any enquires can be directed to Council’s contractor Cleanaway on 1300 410 896 or email Please assist truck drivers by following the advice below:

Kerbside Collection Service

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A kerbside waste and recycling collection service is provided to residential, commercial and industrial properties within township areas. Cleanaway provide Council's collection service and can be contacted directly for all customer service enquiries. There is a dedicated number and email for Wattle Range Council kerbside waste collection enquiries:

Kerbside Collection Enquiries

Phone  |  1300 410 896
Email   |

The kerbside collection service may include:

  • Red Bin - 140 litre general waste, weekly collection
  • Yellow Bin - 240 litre recyclables, fortnightly collection
  • Green Bin - 240 litre green waste, fortnightly collection (3 bin service only)

This service is paid for by the ratepayer, with a separate charge on their Council rates notice. Different charges apply for the 2-bin (red & yellow bins) and 3-bin (red, yellow & green bins) service .

For further information on each of the kerbside collection streams follow the links below:

General Waste (Red Lid Bin)

Recycling (Yellow Lid Bin)

Green Waste (Green Lid Bin)

Kerbside Collection Calendar

Each year, Council sends a kerbside collection calendar to residents showing the alternate weeks for recycling and green waste.

Kerbside Calendar 2020/2021

Bin Collection Days and Zones

Select a map below to find out your collection day and whether you are in a collection zone.

Beachport | Coonawarra | Glencoe |Hatherleigh |Kalangadoo

Millicent | Mount Burr | Muggleton | Nangwarry | Penola

Rendelsham | Rocky Camp | Southend | Tantanoola

How to use the Kerbside Service

  • There should only ever be a maximum of two (2) bins out on any given collection day;

  • Put the bins out by 6.00 am on the day of pick up and bring them back in within 24 hours of pick up;

  • Bins are required to be one (1) metre apart where possible and one (1) metre from surrounding objects (such as poles, trees, cars, etc.) with plenty of clearance from overhead branches;

  • Don’t put the bins behind parked cars;

  • Place the right material in the right bin; and

  • Ensure your bin is not packed too tightly and the bin lid is closed.

Kerbside bins

Why wasn't my bin collected?

There are a number of reasons why a bin may not be emptied:

  • Was the bin out before 6am on the day of collection?
  • Do you have the right bin out on the right day?
  • Was there material in the bin that should not be there?
  • Did the bin weigh more than 70kg?
  • Occasionally, a bin may be missed without reason.


If the wrong material is placed in a bin, the bin may not be emptied and a sticker will be placed on the bin to inform the resident. The contamination will need to be removed from the bin before the next collection.

Households who continue to present their bins with contamination may receive a letter from Council and can be suspended from the kerbside waste collection service for 3 months.  Information about acceptable waste can be found above.

Lost or Stolen Bins

All customer service enquiries will be handled directly by Cleanaway and not by Council.  This means that if your bin is missed, you receive notice of contamination, your bin is lost or stolen, you will need to contact Cleanaway.  There is a dedicated number and email for Wattle Range Council kerbside waste collection enquiries:

Kerbside Collection Enquiries

Phone  |  1300 410 896
Email   |

For residents with a private waste collection (not paid for on your Council rates), Veolia and Cleanaway will both continue to provide these services.  Please contact your provider directly if you have any queries about your private collection.

All bins are the property of Council and are required to be left at the property if you relocate or sell your home. Please place your bins in a secure location when you relocate to prevent them from being stolen.