Tricky Waste

There are always items that residents are just not sure how to dispose of. Batteries, light globes, paint tins, mobile phones, oil , tyres and mattresses are all examples of ‘tricky waste’ that are items harder to dispose of correctly.

Some of these items are accepted at Council’s Resource Recovery Centres. Suggestions are also made for others that cannot be accepted.*

* Please note the following contacts are only examples and a search in the yellow pages or on the internet is also suggested.

Not accepted by Council. Contact your local licenced asbestos removal company.

South East Asbestos(08) 8733 1454


Accepted for recycling at all of Council’s Resource Recovery Centres and Waste Transfer Stations, excluding Beachport site. Batteries can not be recycled through the kerbside recycling system and can leak harmful chemicals if sent to landfill.


Not accepted at any Council sites. Tyres should be returned to your tyre retailer who may charge to receive the waste. Tyres returned to a service centre or tyre retailer can recycle the rubber and other materials.

Council re-opened their new Waste Oil Program at the Millicent Resource Recovery Centre in December 2020. This disposal facilities allows domestic quantities of used motor or engine oils to be collected for recycling. Cooking oil is not accepted through this program. Further details on this program can be found on the Waste Management Initiatives page.

Penola's Resource Recovery Centre will aim to have the program implemented after trailing at the Millicent site for a period of 6 months.

For disposal of cooking oil, or commercial quantities of used engine oils please contact a local Waste Management company for advice:

Cleanaway (08) 8725 3500

Veolia (08) 8724 8121

Cookers 1300 88 22 99


TVs computers and electrical appliances (excluding whitegoods) are accepted at all of Council’s Resource Recovery Centres and Waste Transfer Stations free of charge.

Toner Cartridges

Council participates in the Cartridges for Planet Ark program. Cartridges can be deposited at any of our Council Offices or Visitor Information Centres.

Not accepted by Council. Contact local Waste Management companies for advice.

Cleanaway (08) 8725 3500

Veolia (08) 8724 8121

ChemClear is the sister program of drumMUSTER and collects obsolete or unwanted agvet chemicals for disposal. Council assists by providing suitable sites to host the collection program when run locally. ChemClear schedule collections in each state approximately every 2 years. If drums/containers contain the drumMUSTER logo they are accepted at no cost, other chemicals may incur a charge. To see if any upcoming visits are scheduled please visit ChemClear's website.

drumMUSTER is available at the Millicent and Penola Resource Recovery Centres by appointment only. DrumMUSTER is a national program for the collection of empty and cleaned agvet. To make an appointment contact Veolia (08) 8724 8121.

Fridges, Stoves and Whitegoods

Recommended to take to a local scrap metal dealer or to Council’s Resource Recovery Centres (Millicent/Penola). Ensure fridges are degased.

Scrap metal dealers are situated at: J & A Valcarcel Fuentes & Sons Aberle Street, Millicent
(08) 8733 4845

For degasing/whitegoods disposal contact: Veolia (08) 8724 8121

Lounge Suites

Break down into components such as timber, fabric and springs and place in to separate recycling and waste bins at all of Council’s sites. Millicent Resource Recovery Centre is the only site which can accept full lounge suites for disposal.


Accepted at all of Council’s sites but must be stripped down and segregated. Alternatively, contact the following companies who will ‘strip down’ and dispose of mattresses on your behalf. Charges apply.

Bedford Industries (08) 8733 2966

Veolia (08) 8724 8121

Light globes, fluorescent tubes and lamps

Accepted at all Council’s Resource Recovery Centres and Waste Transfer Stations - excluding Beachport site.

Alternatively you can drop them at the counter of your local Mitre 10 or True Value Hardware store.

Gas cylinders are accepted for scrap metal at all Council waste disposal sites but must not contain any gas for safety reasons.

Liquid paint is not accepted. Solidified paint can be treated as household waste and accepted at all of Council’s Resource Recovery Centres and Waste Transfer Stations.

Dulux and Wattyl have developed paint hardener products that solidify paint. You can also solidify paint by mixing it with clay-based kitty litter.

Steel / Metal

Although it cannot be placed in your kerbside bins, scrap metal can be deposited at any of Council’s Resource Recovery Centres. Alternatively it can be taken to your local scrap metal dealer.

Scrap metal dealers are situated at: J & A Valcarcel Fuentes & Sons Aberle Street, Millicent (08) 8733 4845.


Timber is accepted at the Millicent & Penola Resource Recovery Centres and Beachport Waste Transfer Station.

Untreated / raw timber with no paint or laminate can be disposed of and will be mulched with green waste provided it is not contaminated with metal bolts, steel plates etc.

Painted and laminated timber and furniture can not be mulched. This is accepted as general waste. For the Beachport site it must be a smaller size to fit in the front lift skip bins. Penola and Millicent are able to accept large items as a loader is available to crush onsite and load into skip bins.

There is currently no recycling arrangement for treated timber (e.g. CCA treated pine). Treated timber can not be deposited in landfill due to the heavy metals and chemicals used for treatment. It is recommended to store until disposal method is developed. For information on the safe storage of treated timber visit

To dispose of treated timber locally, for it to be sent away for safe treatment contact:

City of Mount Gambier (08) 8721 2555

Cleanaway (08) 8725 3500