Coastal Management

Coastal Management

Wattle Range Council is renowned for its spectacular coastline incorporating the seaside towns of Southend and Beachport, a large portion of the Canunda National Park and Lake George.  Council’s role in coastal management includes advocacy for government investment in coastal issues, development planning, maintaining roads and infrastructure, supporting the local economy and retaining community and social values.   Council is a land manager in this coastal area, as well as having a role in enforcing legislation affecting the coast.

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Erosion at Salmon Hole / Post Office Rock

Council received funding from the Coast Protection Board to prepare a report on the current status of erosion at the Post Office Rock and management options. The report was prepared by Flinders University.  The Coast Protection Board has undertaken annual beach surveys to monitor erosion and this report provides analysis of those surveys.  The report also estimates the timeframe for erosion impacts on infrastructure such as Bowman Scenic Drive and Pool of Siloam. The report recommends relocation of the beach access tracks at both ends of the bay, maintaining the causeway connecting Post Office Rock to the shore and investing in a drone and software to cost effectively monitor the site.

Status & Management Options for Salmon Hole/Post Office Rock Report Adopted Aug 18(2167 kb)

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Sand Management Plan for Beachport Town Beaches

The development approval for the extension of the Beachport Boat Ramp breakwater required a sand management plan to be developed for the town beaches.  Council has been implementing this plan since December 2013 and based on the lessons learned during this time, revised the sand management plan in accordance with the requirements outlined in the plan. Council sought community and stakeholder comment and gave consideration to all comments received.

The revised plan specifies three clear objectives, to:
 1.  Monitor and manage the effectiveness and impacts of groynes including the boat ramp breakwater by relocating sand to beaches at risk or showing signs of erosion;
 2.  Remove sand from the boat ramp basin to maintain appropriate service standards; and
 3.  Minimise the impacts of sand relocation activities on residents, visitors, businesses and the environment.

The revised sand management plan was adopted by Council in December 2017.

Revised Sand Management Plan adopted by Council 12 December 2017(616 kb)

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Review of Maintenance Options for Beachport Boat Ramp

Council engaged Coastal Engineer, Luke Campbell from Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec to look at options to reduce long term, ongoing maintenance for the Beachport Boat Ramp, including possible amendments to the design.  The report considers the history of boat launching facilities in Beachport, considers the cost of relocating the facility and considers alternative designs.  The recommendations from the report include collection of wave and sand data to inform numerical modelling, modelling of design alterations, purchase of dredge pipe infrastructure and a further trial of a dredge pump. 

Council sought community and stakeholder comment and gave consideration to all comments received before adopting the report in December 2017.

WGA Report - Beachport Boat Ramp Review of Maintenance Requirements adopted by Council 12 December 2017(2116 kb)

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Southend Adaptation Strategy

The coastline of Southend and Rivoli Bay are important community, natural and economic assets. While storms have always had an impact on local beaches, the coast is increasingly being affected by sand erosion and has the potential for inundation.

Without action, coastal assets, public land and infrastructure near the coast at Southend will experience increased erosion and inundation risk. Recognising the value of the coastline to the community, the Wattle Range Council worked with the Southend community to develop the Southend Adaptation Strategy.  The project was supported by the Coast Protection Board and the Local Government Association of South Australia.

The draft Strategy was available for community comment and all comments received were considered by Council prior to adopting the Strategy on 10 April 2018.  This Strategy complements the Southend Community Plan.

There are a series of information sheets about the project:

Updated Information Sheet 1 - Project Information(528 kb)

Updated Information Sheet 2 - Coastal Hazards(189 kb)

Updated Information Sheet 3 - Erosion Mapping(230 kb)

Updated Information Sheet 4 - Inundation Mapping(1171 kb)

Southend Adaptation Strategy(7486 kb)

For more information on the project, please contact Lauren Oxlade, Manager Environmental Services on (08) 8733 0901 or email

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Rivoli Bay & Lake George Studies

With the support of the Coast Protection Board, Council engaged a consultant to prepare a report on management options for Rivoli Bay and Lake George.  Council adopted these reports on 10 November 2015.

The reports can be found here*:

Lake George Study(3039 kb)

Rivoli Bay Report(10167 kb)

Lake George Appendix 1(624 kb)

Rivoli Bay Combined Appendices(10053 kb)

Lake George Appendix 2(683 kb)                    


 *Please note the large file size.  Copies of the report can also be viewed at Council’s Engineering Services office at 7b Davenport Millicent or purchased by arrangement.

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