Home Based Food Business

If you are planning on setting up a food business operating from your home, then we can help you.

It is important for home food businesses to comply with the Food Safety Standards, just as any restaurant or cafe does, and Environmental Health Officers are here to help you achieve this.

This guideline establishes standards for the handling, storage and preparation of food for sale from residential premises.

Under the Food Act 2001, any person 'selling' food must comply with the requirements of the Act.  Under this legislation you are considered to be selling food if you manufacture and/or sell food from your home.  This includes for retail sale, not-for-profit community organisations, fundraising, market stalls and catering or providing food as part as a service.

Persons intending to establish such an operation should be aware that when food is manufactured and offered for sale, the premises used must comply with several standards including:

  • Food Act 2001;
  • Food Regulations 2002; and
  • Food Safety Standards 3.1.1, 3.2.2 and 3.2.3

All food businesses will be subject to regular routine inspections from Council's Environmental Health Officer to ensure compliance with the Food Act and Food Safety Standards.

Please complete the Home Based Food Business Application Form to apply to operate as a home based business and read the associated Home Based Food Business Information Sheet.

This document is intended to be used as a guide only and conditions may change based on individual circumstances; to clarify further, please contact Wattle Range Council's Environmental Health Officer on (08) 8733 0900 for a discussion and/or to arrange an appointment.