Native Vegetation

Native Vegetation

Native vegetation plays a vital role in the health and prosperity of South Australia's ecosystems, communities and natural resource-based industries. Native vegetation refers to any naturally occurring local plant species that are indigenous to South Australia, from small ground covers and native grasses to large trees and water plants.

The Native Vegetation Act 1991 ensures that areas of high conservation value are protected and that minor clearance is subject to a thorough assessment process. You must apply for approval through the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) before performing any activity that could cause substantial damage to native plants. This also applies to dead trees that may provide habitat for animals.

These activities include but are not limited to:

  • the cutting down, destruction or removal of whole plants
  • the removal of branches, limbs, stems or trunks (including brushcutting and woodcutting)
  • burning
  • poisoning
  • slashing of understorey
  • drainage and reclamation of wetlands
  • grazing by animals (in some circumstances).

For further information on managing native vegetation and clearance applications contact DEWNR(link) on (08) 8735 1177.

To report any unauthorised clearance, contact the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources Compliance Unit (link) on (08) 8124 4914 or by emailing

Roadside Native Vegetation Management Plan

Native vegetation along roadsides and on public land has significant environmental, social and economic importance. It forms an important corridor, linking areas of native vegetation for native fauna movement.  Native vegetation provides a source of seed for revegetation projects and also provides a shelterbelt for adjoining landowners.

Relatively intact areas of native vegetation usually require little maintenance, and can be of value in suppressing growth of pest plants and of exotic grasses (eg Phalaris), which add to fuel loads.

It is Council’s policy to protect and preserve existing roadside vegetation in a manner that allows for the regeneration of existing vegetation without compromising the efficient, effective and safe use of roads in the Wattle Range Council.

WRC Roadside Native Vegetation Management Plan(3847 kb)

For further information on the Roadside Native Vegetation Management Plan, contact Council’s Engineering Department on (08) 8733 0901.