Community Wastewater Management Schemes

Community Wastewater Management Schemes

Council operates four Community Wastewater Management Systems (CWMS), with septic tank effluent schemes in Kalangadoo, Penola and Southend, and a full sewer scheme in Beachport. 

Three systems involve the collection of the liquid runoff from septic tanks flowing from a boundary connection point at each property via a network of gravity drains.  These gravity drains flow to a series of pumping stations at lower points, which pump effluent through a system of rising mains to the treatment lagoons.

The plumbing system and septic tank on each private property is the responsibility of the individual landholder.  Council is responsible for the drains and infrastructure beyond the effluent connection point at each property boundary.  Generally, Council owned infrastructure is located on roadways, footpaths or rear lanes, however in some cases, these assets are located on or traverse private property and may or may not be the subject of a formal easement.

The full sewer system at Beachport requires landholders to remove their septic tanks in order to connect to the scheme. 

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Beachport Community Wastewater Management Scheme