Previous Volunteer Matching Initiatives

Previous Volunteer Matching Initiatives

Council's initial Volunteer Matching Initiatives were rolled out across Millicent, Penola, Beachport and surrounds throughout 2016/2017 and gave potential volunteers and local organisations an opportunity to be matched together.

The process involved a process of registration by local organisations. It was followed by an opportunity for potential volunteers to view posters featuring the 'positions vacant' or volunteer roles of each of those organisations. The posters were displayed in a key location for each area for a period of time. The posters are still displayed at the Beachport Medical Clinic.

The initiatives gave exposure to the large variety of volunteering options within the Council area, connecting interested people with options that they may not have otherwise been aware of. Over the 3 initiatives there were 87 community groups/organisations that offered a total of 234 volunteering positions. Feedback from participants indicated that there were many successful matchings between new volunteers and organisations.

Initiative Feedback

"We have had 2 new recruits following on from the Millicent Volunteer Matching Initiative. We are really absolutely thrilled. Without this initiative it wouldn’t have been possible to recruit these people and really thanks Council for this excellent initiative."

- Sheryl Lowe, Station Manager, 5 THE FM