Elected Members

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Wattle Range Council Ward Map

Council comprises members of the community elected to represent that community and an administration of employed persons who carry out the policies and directions of these Council Members.

Council Members are appointed during Local Government Elections and serve a four year term of office. Wattle Range Council comprises:

  • a Mayor elected at large by the whole community; and
  • 11 Ward Councillors elected by the community of the respective wards, being:
    • Corcoran Ward (5 Councillors)
    • Kintore Ward (2 Councillors)
    • Riddoch Ward (2 Councillors)
    • Sorby Adams Ward (2 Councillors)

The last general election was held in November 2018.

Wattle Range Council Members


Corcoran Ward

Kintore Ward

Riddoch Ward

Sorby Adams Ward

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is employed by the Council and is responsible for the administration of Council.