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Wattle Range Community Volunteer Project

Throughout the Wattle Range community there are many and varied organisations with volunteers.  These deliver essential services, recreational & educational opportunities and health support all of which contribute to a vibrant and dynamic community.

Within the same community there are many individuals who are keen to volunteer but don’t know what volunteering options are available. Council frequently receives requests from potential volunteers wanting to give their time to an organisation within the Wattle Range community.
The aim of the Wattle Range Community Volunteer Project is to provide potential volunteers with a list of volunteer roles available across a range of community organisations throughout the Council region.

If you would like your organisation to be included on Council's list of potential volunteer roles please complete the details on the form provided below.

Community Volunteer Project New Organisation Registration Form

Please note: If your organisation is currently listed with Council but you wish to amend your listing, please email or contact Council's Community Development Officer, Sarah Marzec on 08 8733 0900.

With so many potential volunteers approaching Council we want to make sure that all organisations are listed and that your organisation isn’t missing out.

Please find below our community volunteer positions listing as at November 2020

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This listing will be reviewed and updated by Council on a quarterly basis, organisations are encouraged to update their details regularly. Please email amendments to